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Maklumat dari emel : Beware!!!

Assalamualaikum wbt..

Saya nak kongsi emel yang saya dpt. Sebagai peringatan dan langkah berjaga-jaga buat teman-teman di luar sana. Saya tidak pasti akan kebenaran emel ini tapi yang pastinya, tidak salah untuk kita ambil langkah berjaga-jaga. Apatah lagi di musim perayaan ini.


For your information. (Very Urgent) 
If you see a guy (especially Indian) who rides a motorbike with a 
bloody hand knocking on your window demanding you to stop and asking 
for tissue paper to clean the blood when you are driving a car, 
remember DO NOT stop the car at all. Even if he damages your car or 
holds the side mirrors tightly, DO NOT stop the car but drive directly 
to the nearest police station. This kind of criminal tactics have been 
reported in about 40 cases in Seremban, K. Lumpur, Shah Alam, P.Jaya 
and Klang Town police stations (actually around the whole country). 
These guys are mainly Indian gangsters, They work in a group and dare to 
commit this crime even in crowded areas where nobody will dare to stop 
the car to help you. The main purpose of this dirty tactic is to rob 
you and/ or even commit rape if you are female driver driving alone. 
Please forward this message to the people you care about. 
Dr Jeyashree Srinivasan 
Island Hospital

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missSenget said...

seramnye~~!! uhuk..

ezannurhafiz said...

macam2 taktik jahat la...nalim sero..

tengkorakemas said...

melampau kumpulan samseng ni depan org ramai pun berani..dorang ingat mcm dalam cite hindustan ke Malaysia ni..

rodie said...

very gud info 4 all to always be alert,,,kaum pompuan cam vulnerable sangat skang ni kan..